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I purchased this item with buy one/get one free. Below is the email confirmation of my order:


Item Qty Qty Qty Expected

Number Description Ord. Shp. Bck. By

---------- ------------------------------ -------- -------- -------- --------




P1067 NUWAVE WHITE OVEN PRO 1.00 1.00 0.00

P1011 THREE YEAR WARRANTY 1.00 1.00 0.00

P1013 RECIPE BOOK, DVD, CHART, & 1 Y 1.00 1.00 0.00



I was told that my "free" cooktop was on back order and would be sent soon. I called today, 6/21/12, to check on my "free" cooktop and was told it would cost me $39.99 to ship. Note the FREE UPGRADE NEXT DAY SHIPPING. Why am I being asked to pay for shipping an item that was to be sent free????This is a RIP OFF! The customer service rep said this was explained to me when I placed my order and all orders are recorded. A copy of that recording is supposed to be sent to me. In the meantime, I caution anyone against trusting this company. Their products are okay, but not worth the additional "shipping fees".

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Second attempt? I love my NuWave oven in fact I purchased two.

One was received without advertised extras. Currently I ordered and received the new Induction cooktop. My secondary interest was the advertised stainless steel steamer and the Fondue set.

I assumed they were being shipped separately. To date, not received.

Your products are remarkable but the reliability of advertised extras and Cuesomer service respnse is questrionable.


:? :cry I love my My NuWave oven, in fact I bought two and have been responsible for others purchasing the ovens. However with one purchase I never received the promised extras.

Currently I ordered and received the new induction cooktop. but none of promised extras.

I am particularly interested in receiving the steamer and fondue set. I can't imagine that a company with such great products would be so iresponseble regarding related advertised bonus items.


2 weeks after ordering 2 cooktops plus accessories I'm still waiting and can't get thru to customer service. I'll turn them over to the consumer protection agency as well as the FCC.


After reading reviews on this site and others, I will not be buying from this company...ever.


I order the 2 for 99.00 also plus pans, grills, etc and my credit card was chaged $376.77 on June 6th and the pic is still on backorder. Their phones are disconnected and they do not answer emails.


I have to same problem with Hearthware products. I ordered the BOGO and only received one with a pan that was missing the glass top.

You can't get thru to this company! They had no trouble charging my account for the payment for all the extra shipping, even tho' half of my order is back ordered. The pan they did send looked like it was a returned item, that no one checked before sending it out again, because it was packed in a manner that never would have come from a factory that way. If I don't get in touch with this company soon, I'm going to call my credit card company and refuse to pay based on FRAUD!

The company keeps advertising, even thou' their website says everything is out of stock. What kind of business is this anyway?


I too have received the same notice, but have been yet to be told that my second cooktop requires additional shipping fees. I will return the merchandise.


I was also told that my free cooktop would be coming soon but it was on backorder. When I called I was told that I had to pay an additional 39.99 to receive it.

This is not the deal I agreed to originally.

Why would I get a notice that said sorry we will send it as soon as we receive it if I had not already paid. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

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