The TV and internet ad for the Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) is misleading and you have to pay an exorbitant amount of "shipping and handing" to get all the "free" stuff that's mentioned, despite the ad making it sound like you get everything shown for $99 total.

The ad tells you that you get a Nuwave PIC, along with a second PIC free, as well as a set of "Ultimate Cookware" (pots and pans) free. But in reality you pay $29.95 S/H for the first PIC, plus you have to pay an extra $39.95 S/H for the second "free" PIC, and a whopping $69.95 S/H for the "free" cookware set - making the total "shipping and handling" about $140, which is about 60 bucks more than the actual product itself costs.

Just to put things in perspective, it costs about $140 to ship a Bowlflex home gym, and that machine weighs over 200 lbs. A single PIC weighs only 5.4 pounds, so you're paying $140 S/H for an order which at most weighs only 25 lbs.

Even worse, since the charges are considered "shipping and handling", they aren't covered by the money-back guarantee. Notice the fine print which says you can send it back for a full refund of the "purchase price" - this means that any costs which are considered "shipping and handling" are non-refundable.

Sorry, but charging about $120 more than it actually costs to ship the product isn't honest. Why not just go whole hog and charge 50 grand in "S/H", since companies can apparently charge whatever they want and just call it "shipping and handling"? If you're thinking of buying this, just keep in mind that you'll be out most of what you payed if you decide to change your mind and send it back.

Monetary Loss: $239.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #930422

This is the reason not to order this stuff off of TV. Most of this stuff is a rip off anyway.

Stockton, California, United States #821607

If want this it will cost you for the free stuff


Why have these people Not been sued for all of their False and misleading infomercials ? The shipping and processing fees should be considered illegal and hidden !!


Another ripoff infomercial.Glad I checked here before ordering from the TV advert.

A quick Google search reveals many complaints against this disreputable company. Save your money ... avoid headaches and troubles ...

buy elsewhere.


The pans are junk.The coated pans cracked.

They replaced the small one. The 3.5 quart shows signs of heat and rust damage. They won't return an email.

They got my money, that's all that's important.I bought another brand at BJ's.


Almost got me too.


Thank you, very much!They almost got me.

Their TV ad was so enticing that I thought of ordering by phone.I decided against it after reading this article.


They dont even give a price for shipping and handeling on the website till you give your credit card information be honest let people know up front what it cost i purchased on at the mall for 80 dollars no shipping and handeling cost there huh what a.internet scam

Strasburg, Virginia, United States #776043

Thanks. I called and when they told me the first payment price I laughed and hung up.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #772349

Thank you for saving my money, I was about to order 1 for my daughter and 1 for myself. Thank God for people like you who share reviews to help others, I hope you find a way to sue them and get all your money back.

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