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I am working on the 2nd dome replacement for my nuwave oven. I called the customer support and because replacement domes were not purchased by me, I can't prove how old it is.

So I am out of luck. I would think they would want to keep the customer happy. I spoke with Emilia in their customer service. I am not willing to spend another 25.00 or so bucks (after shipping) for a 3rd replacement dome.

Let alone needing another extender ring which cracks too. Believe me you need the extender ring. They do not offer a glass dome. I like that the nuwave is wider than using the sharper image which turns the dome upside down.

I will go with the sharper image because it is less expensive and will last way longer. I told Emilia that since she was unwilling to satisfy me that I would go to the sharper image. She didn't care. So there you go.

The sharper image version has a metal extender ring so that should stand the test of time also. Skip the hyped up infomercial and pick up a knock off for less money and better durability.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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Charleston, South Carolina, United States #728727

I've had the sharper image one. After not even a month, the timer stopped worked (wouldn't count down anymore, it was just on or off) AND the safety shut off didn't work.

When you lift the handle to take the top off, it's supposed to shut off. It stopped doing that and the only way I could turn it off was to unplug it.

Sure the sharper image bowl is glass, but it's more of a PITA to clean because it's a BOWL instead of a dome. My nuwave dome has cracked as well which is how I stumbled on this and I know I have a receipt because I bought it from Amazon, I am just having a hard time finding out how to get warranty replacement.

Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States #710755

We had purchased the superwave oven over a year ago, even though I would have preferred the nuwave oven due to the fact that the top was the entire dome; washing the very large glass bowl was a chore; however, after a year and a half the superwave oven NO LONGER WORKS!! And superwave only has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY, unlike the 3 year warranty covered by nuwave.

Also, does anyone see the superwave commercials on tv anymore??? nope!

On the bright side, I did love that superwave oven, and we did use it ALMOST every single day; it makes great burgers, but a whole chicken, in my opinion, never did cook all the way through (outside would be almost burned to completely cook inside) o well, no super or nu oven for us!! :(

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