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We ordered the Induction Cookware in May after watching TV AD. The TV promotion was buy one cooktop, get one free and included Cookware, Recipe book, DVD, etc.

We did receive ONE cooktop with a letter stating the would be a "slight" delay in the rest of the order. It is now 2 1/2 months later. We have tried for weeks to contact the company, using the phone number they provided and cannot get a response (even after leaving messages). The ads are still running on the TV and this is HUGE FALSE advertising and rip off.

They send part of the order and hope the consumer will forget the rest of the promotion. DO NOT ORDER

Monetary Loss: $130.

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Texas City, Texas, United States #604246

My 85 year old father called and ordered the cooktop. They offered him the "FREE" upgrade.

For the free upgrade, they ship it immediately and you can not cancel. The shipping is $150.00.-more than the product. I emailed immediately. I called.

You can place orders 7 days a week but customer service is only open 5 days a week.

When I asked the representative if she would pay that much to ship anything overnight, she wouldn't answer me. I agree this company is in the business of "stealing".


This company is suspect. They will not answer the phone at neither of the customer service phone numbers and I've been trying for several days.

Customer Service???? On July 21, 2012 I bought the buy 1 get 1 free NuWave PIC. Get one free? Ha,Right.

$39.95 shipping for the free item and it arrived in the same box. 2 lids and 2 free $20.00 shipping and in the same box. $29.95 shipping for the 1st NuWave Pic. 2 carrying cases shipping $5.90.

All items in the same box.

Total shipping $95.80 What a ripoff. Do not buy unless you want unwanted aggravation.....To return, if you can get them, subject to forfiture of shipping fees and a restocking charge.


Does Hearthware Jeremy even exist? I doubt it.

The customer service doesn't exist either.They don't answer the phone to an existing customer who has already complained.They have no. Recognition and you will always be on hold.As far as the Facebook @ will get you nowhere.You can't go on their Facebook page and write anything bad,they will take it off.After all my emails they finally said I was owed the fondue set and steamer I disn't get .But only if I confirm that I want it.Oh no that sounds like a S&H scam.Bull to you Jeremy!!!!!!!


Inquiry for my 84 year old computer illiterate father. Order #29726A on 6/19/12 and Order #57913A on 7/18/12.

The Phone # is 760-382-3254 and the Zip code is 93556. Thank you


Hey Jeremy maybe you need to tell this person he is going to get charged $39.95 for the second one when they finally ship it. I went to the bank and filed a fraudulent charge paper our second PIC is suppose to be shipped and on its way .I already paid $203 ,$43,&$43 and now they want $39.95!!!!When I tried to cancel my order after I got charged $203 the customer service person said I only had 2 payments of $43.Mine was more because of the piece of junk griddle my husband ordered with the other stuff he bought.I never would have bought this stuff. Buyers Beware they send this stuff Fed ex so you can't change your mind!!!!

Hearthware Jeremy

Hello, my name is Jeremy Pohn and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Hearthware, the makers of the NuWave PIC. I would like to apologize for the delay in the receipt of your second PIC and cookware.

The sudden success of our products has forced us to place them on backorder. Fortunately, after ramping up our production process, we have begun to fulfill backorders. Every customer that is waiting on backordered items will be receiving them in the coming weeks.

If you would like an update on the status of your order, feel free to email your order information to

We’ll inquire with out customer service managers about the status of your order; once we receive an update on your order, we will let you know. Thank you for your patience.

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