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I was charged WITHOUT AN INVOICE!!!. You shouldn't have to read the fine-print of a contract to purchase an oven........An invoice Before payment is common practice and HONEST!.

This is not a real estate transaction, this was suppose to be a SIMPLE purchase, what is the world coming to???.

It's BAD BUSINESS and Very Deceptive!!!. We have been doing business on eBay for over 5 years now and we ALWAYS give the customer an invoice BEFORE they pay for the item, we don't expect them to have to read a contract before their purchase, charge their card, then send an invoice for a totally different (and much higher) amount!!!, that's ridiculous, they would kick us off eBay (and rightfully so) in a New York minute if we tried *** like NuWave tried with us.

How does $39.90 per month x 3 months turn into $219.90, + 2 more payments of $39.90???.

I cancelled the order via. PayPal and the C.C., I called NuWave and cancelled the order immediately, they said OK, no problem.

PayPal informed me that NuWave hit the card 1 day after NuWave said they cancelled the order.

I Called nuwave again, they apologized and 6 hrs. later the card was charged again......

I Cancelled credit card, ordered a new one, froze bank account as the 2rd charge resulted in an overdraft and filed a complaint with the B.B.B..(hearthware.com is their business name).

Over all my experience was probably the worst business transaction (for lack of better words) I have ever had to go through.

Thanks for the worst experience ever and an overdraft.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #597009

I was all set to order the NuWave PIC Cooktops as advertised on TV and on-line untill I was told about the excessive shipping and handling charges of $129.85. RIDICULOUS!! DECEPETIVE!! DISHONEST!! I just will NOT deal with companies that do business this way. We ALL should award our business to those companies who do business in a fair and straight forward way with up-front disclosure of shipping and other costs.

Hearthware, Inc products as marketed on TV and on-line are


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